Kayaking Georgia’s Rivers

If you just want to take a kayaking trip on one of Georgia’s Rivers just to experience the fun of kayaking and learn the basics of paddling a kayak and see some beautiful scenery, the Pirate can take you on a full or half day paddle: Cost: 100 for one person, 150 for 2 and 200 for three

Fishing Georgia’s Rivers: If you want to catch one of Georgia’s shoal bass from a kayak, the Pirate can also help you with that. Cost: an 8 hour trip is 200 for one person, 250 for two people and 300 for three people. All trips are limited to a maximum of three people for safety concerns.

To book a trip, contact the Pirate (Randy) at 770-358-0837. Don’t be scared to leave a message, he is probably fishing!

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