From the fast flowing rivers of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge regions to the shoals of the Piedmont Region to the blue springs of the Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain to the slow moving, meandering rivers of the Atlantic Coastal Plains, Georgia has some of the most beautiful rivers in the US. Georgia is divided into 14 river basins and 52 watersheds feeding these basins. While all of Georgia’s rivers are beautiful, I find that I spend most of my time in the Chattahoochee, Flint and the Ocmulgee river basins. Not because they are the most beautiful rivers but because they are the home of my favorite fish, the shoal bass.

The shoal bass is native to the Chattahoochee and Flint River basins and was “imported” into the Ocmulgee basin. While they are not native to the Ocmulgee basin, they have certainly taken a hold there. This hard fighting, current loving bass is only native to Georgia and some of the tributaries flowing into and out of Georgia. As such Georgia has become the place to go to catch these fish. Much like the spotted bass, they do not grow to be huge, but pound for pound, I do not know of a harder fighting fish. While these bass are hard fighters, they are not normally picky eaters. They can be caught on most standard bass lures from finesse worms, to jigs, to crank baits, to buzz baits. In fact, if you love top water action, you can fish a buzz bait nearly all day and catch fish.

The best way to experience Georgia’s rivers and catch the shoal bass is to do it from a kayak. Kayaks are about the only means of safe transportation through these rocky shoals this bass calls home. These plastic boats are stable, safe, and can take the pounding of the rocky shoals. Kayaks allow easy access to the rivers at put-ins that are not accessible for a standard boat. They are easy to get in and out of when you want to do a little wading. They are easy to paddle and have become very comfortable with the newer designs over the year.

So, how about it? Interested? Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Come spend a day with the RiverPirate, see some of Georgia’s beautiful rivers and catch Georgia’s shoal bass.

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