Committed to Georgia's Rivers

Randy Vining presents President Jimmy Carter a kayak on behalf of the Flint River Keeper

In 2008 the Pirate was recognized by Ocean Kayak as one of the premier kayak fishermen in the south east and was selected to be on the Ocean Kayak Pro Staff. Being a part of this team has allowed the Pirate to travel the South East spreading his passion for kayak fishing through seminars and competing on kayak fishing tournaments. The Pirate is also proud to be a member of the Shoal Bass Alliance. This organization was started to help protect and recognize the Pirate’s favorite fish!

Randy "River Pirate" Vining loves to fish in his beloved Georgia and in her most beautiful rivers. And while his skills and knowledge of river fishing is unrivaled, his commitment to the preservation of the rivers and protections of Georgia's natural environments makes him special.

A day on the river with 'the pirate' will be an experience rich in learning, steeped in deep appreciation of nature and an experience you'll likely never forget. Oh, and the fishing is some of the best, and most unique, in the world.

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